Bullseye/Precision Pistol

The TCSA Precision Pistol Team is a nationally ranked team, ranking as high as 4th in the whole country, in recent years.  Many of the team's shooters are nationally ranked shooters, reaching as high as 4th, 5th, and 6th in the country, a Senior Champion and a Grand Senior Champion.  The team is made up of shooters with a wide range of shooting skills, from first time shooters to some who have been shooting for many decades, from novice shooters to State Champions, and has a Certified Firearms Instructor as well as a Certified Shooting Coach.  The team sponsors one of the NRA National Indoor Pistol Sectional Championship Matches, every year.  It participates in the Interstate Pistol Association's League Matches, shooting every Friday evening from October thru March, and sponsors the opening match for the league, known as the Annual Kielbasa Match, which takes place every year on the last Friday in September.  The team has been undefeated in the League for many years, and has been the State Championship Team many times.  From May to September, the team shoots outdoor Matches, every Thursday evening.

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The TCSA director for 2021 is Mark Mancini.

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International Pistol

TCSA offers International Pistol (Free Pistol and Air Pistol) on the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of each month, at our indoor range, starting in October and running through April. This is a 7 match schedule in each discipline. Free Pistol and Air Pistol are International – Olympic style events and follow USA Shooting Rules. Please contact Harvie Loomis at 607-642-8616 or tozroxster@gmail.com for match times.

Free Pistol is shot in .22 cal. only. The match can be shot with an ergonomically correct International Single Shot Free Pistol or any safe .22 pistol or revolver. The course of fire is a 60 shot match that must be completed in 1.5 hours including sighters. The shots must be placed one at a time (single shot). Indoor distance is 50 ft. Open sights only, no scopes.

Air Pistol, like Free Pistol, can be shot with an ergonomically correct air pistol or any safe .117 cal. air pistol. The course of fire is a 60 shot match that must be completed in 1.25 hours including sighters. Shots are placed one at a time. The indoor distance is 10 meters. Open sights only, no scopes.

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Safety is our number one concern.