Bullseye Pistol


TCSA offers year round Conventional “Bullseye” Pistol. All matches and relays are under the supervision of a range officer. We encourage anyone interested in learning to shoot Bullseye to join us. Beginners are always welcome. Paper targets feature the traditional concentric scoring rings with a black bullseye at the center. At the command of a Range Officer, all shooters on the firing line may start firing at the targets at will. As with all supervised shooting events, safety is the top priority. When the shooters have completed the course of fire, all pistols are emptied and inspected by the Range Officer and all targets are scored. A good resource on the sport can be found at www.bullseyepistol.com.


We have a 10-point indoor (50 foot) heated range and a 16-point outdoor (50 and 25 yard) range. Both ranges feature automated turning targets and commands. The indoor Range is open only during scheduled events.


Shooters must have a valid NYS Pistol Permit, any safe handgun, and eye and ear protection.
Bullseye specifies three classes of pistol: a .22 caliber Rimfire, a Centerfire handgun of .32 caliber or greater; and a .45 caliber pistol. Since the format includes a sustained fire stage, a semi-automatic pistol or revolver with a capacity of at least 5 rounds is needed. All of our firearm shooting activities require participants to have both eye and ear protection. This protection is also highly recommended for spectators. New York State residents must have a valid New York State Pistol Permit.


You'll find a very friendly group of shooters of all skill levels eager to answer any questions and help beginners and novices enjoy their shooting experience. Expert instruction is always available.


Our outdoor Summer Pistol League starts the first Thursday of May and runs every Thursday through the end of August. We run two 30 shot relays (National Match Course) starting at 5:30 PM sharp. A 30 shot relay consists of 10 shots Slow Fire (10 shots in 10 minutes); 10 shots Timed Fire (shot in two 5 shot strings of 20 seconds each); and 10 shots Rapid Fire (shot in two 5 shot strings of 10 seconds each). You can shoot .22 and/or CF calibers.

Our indoor season begins the first Wednesday in September and runs every Wednesday until the end of April. There are two relays each night starting at 5:30 PM. The only difference between indoor and outdoor Bullseye is the distance and size of the targets. The Wednesday night relays are practice. This is a great time to try Bullseye shooting.

For those interested in shooting in a winter pistol league TCSA sponsors two teams in the Interstate Pistol Association (IPA). The IPA is an NRA sanctioned eight-team league centered within the Southern Tier. The IPA shoots every Friday night from early October through mid-March TCSA is also host to an NRA National Open Indoor Conventional Pistol Sectional every March. This prestigious match is one of seventy held at different venues throughout the United States. The NRA Pistol Sectional National Results determine the United States Open Pistol Champion, both individual and team.


For the Wednesday night indoor pistol practice, the fee is $3 a night for targets and heat. A shooter practicing regularly can pay a one-time fee of $35, which covers the whole indoor year. If a shooter is interested in joining our Friday night Interstate Pistol Association League, there is a one-time $7 entry fee. There is also a $3 fee per gun. The IPA is a sanctioned NRA pistol league.

For outdoor pistol, we charge a $10 entry fee to join our summer outdoor pistol league. We also charge $2 per gun per night. Most shooters use two guns (.22 and Center Fire) at the cost of $4. If a participant wants to shoot, but does not join a league, there is a fee of $2 per night per gun.

Out of state shooters:

A copy of the NRA sanction form under New York State Penal Code 265.20(13) showing proof of attendance at an organized shooting competition is required.


For more information, contact Harvie Loomis at (607) 642-8616 or email: tozrox@frontiernet.net or team captain Robert Jensen at (607) 849-6191 or email: monolith1911@hotmail.com



Match scores are compiled by a stat official in indoor and outdoor leagues. They are emailed weekly to each shooter. Scores may be available online at some future date.

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