Action Handgun


Anyone who is a new shooter, has never shot an IDPA, USPSA or Action Handgun match, will be required to attend a safety briefing at 9:00 AM which will be held prior to the match time. Notify the registration officer that this is your first match and you will be assisted. The rules are similar to IDPA except less restrictive. For more information on Action Handgun click here.


TCSA has a total of 8 pits for defensive pistol shooting. In addition, other ranges are available when hosting larger events. All guns must be unloaded except when actually shooting a stage.

  • Cover/concealment garments will not be required.
  • Magazines can be dropped with ammunition remaining.
  • Reloading can be made on the move.
  • Targets can be engaged in any safe manner, unless specified in the written stage briefing (WSB).
  • Any holster suitable for IDPA/ USPSA will be allowed. No cross draw, shoulder, appendix or small of the back holsters allowed.

  • P45 45 caliber, 40 caliber, and 10mm 8 rounds maximum in magazine, 165,000 PF
  • Pistol 9mm minimum; 1911 style, single or double stack, Glock, M&P, striker fired 10 rounds maximum in magazine 125,000 PF
  • Carry Optic 9mm minimum, anything with other than standard post sights 125,000 PF
  • Revolver Six or eight rounds. Speed loaders or moon clips, 105,000 PF
  • Open 9mm minimum, anything not listed above 125,000 PF
  • PCC Pistol Caliber Carbine.


Note: any magazine positioned in front of hip bone or use of race type holster places you in OPEN

Each point down 1.0 seconds

Non-threat/no shoot 5 seconds

Procedural (per shot fired) 3 seconds


All of our firearm shooting activities require both eye and ear protection for all participants and spectators. All participants must be legally allowed to shoot a handgun to participate.

You'll find a very friendly group of shooters of all skill levels eager to answer any questions and help beginners and novices enjoy their shooting experience.


Action Handgun matches will be held from April to October, (weather permitting) on the 4th Saturday of each month.

Date Event
April 27 Monthly Match
May 25 Monthly Match
June 22 Monthly Match
July 27 "BUG Gun" Match
August 31 Monthly Match with a twist?
September 28 Monthly Match
October 26 Monthly Match

Registration will open at 9:30 AM and close promptly at 9:45. Final adjustments will be made to the squad assignments to be announced at the 9:55 shooters' meeting. Shooting will start at 10:00 AM. 

Out of state shooters:

Click here to download a copy of the 2024 NRA sanction form required by New York State Penal Law 265.20(13) to show proof of attendance at an organized shooting competition. 


A fee of $15.00 for all shooters. No TCSA membership is required for participation.


For more information, contact Mark Mancini at