President's Corner






Fellow TCSA members:

There are many issues for member year 2021/2022, I will break them into discussions to keep it simple as I can.

 Discussion #1

New Rules for members:  Yes we have the electronic gate up and running.

We have many already renewing their membership, and purchasing the New RFID card.  The onetime fee for the access card has really helped defer the cost of the access gate project.  This gate, with materials and construction costs, exceeded over $20k.  A lot of that cost was eased by the generous work of members giving their time and resources.  Projects to create a new driveway, perform the electronic wiring, and repairing the construction site were done by members with their own equipment and skill. A hardy thanks goes out to all that assisted.  I believe it will be well received as to the ease of entering and exiting our Club property, as well as a measure of usage the Club experiences. The guest policy has been changed where we will now expect all non members to Pay a one day usage fee of $5.00 and sign a waiver form when using the facility. Additionally, all non members must be accompanied by a Club member. The only one non member accompanied by a member per visit is still in effect. The waiver form and $5.00 can be found in the Kiosk just past the gate, a little gray shed with box inside. 

Please any questions or comments I’d like to hear, the Board of Directors can only respond to your suggestions if you make them known. There is a contact point on the Web site. 


Disscussion #2

Many of you have asked why we don’t have more open shooting in the indoor range.  There are several issues why, safety, destruction of facilities, scheduling issues to name a few.

Your requests have not gone in vain. We are addressing increasing the open time the indoor range will be available to our members and non members alike.

That requires more range officers, better target setups and organization of the Club’s scheduled events. A resolution of this will be completed by November, in time for winter.  

Another option which is under construction at present is the weather protected building at the lower pistol range, turning left after the gate. Completion date is scheduled by November 2021. This building will contain 4 shooting positions, each with a sliding window and a manually retractable target system. And will have heat, Yes I said heat.

Enhancements like these are expensive and must be protected from damage and misuse. Our solutions to help alleviate these issues are to have only folks that sincerely want a quality, comfortable place to shoot and will take responsibility for its care.  Step one; all those using this facility will pay a fee of $50.00 per year to cover repair costs of targets, and heat. All interested will attend a meeting where we will discuss the agreement we will all adhere to when using this range. This was a serious undertaking to satisfy your requests for more shooting opportunities.

Anyone who is interested in utilizing this shooting option please contact me either through the Web site or call me directly 607 725 9189 Jim Gee.  Or email me I am anxious to hear if this idea is well received.


Discussion # 3

Firearm Safety:

We have about 1000 members.  There are all levels of firearm knowledge amongst us.

TCSA is a certified NRA sportsmen Club, and there are 4 solid rules to safety everyone should ALWAYS use.

Treat every firearm as it was loaded

Never point the muzzle at anything you don’t want to destroy

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot

Know your target and what is behind it

As I inspect the open ranges I find members violating these rules all too frequently. This has got to stop!  Everyone has to be a safety officer when on the range. If you see someone doing an unsafe act please address the problem.

Ensure all firearms are clear   chambers open, magazines out at all shooting positions, before anyone steps in front of the firing line

The safety of our people and the ability to have open ranges depend on this.

We are all equal owners of the Club, treat it with respect, and use the common sense, and manners everyone deserves. I correct safety violations on an all to frequent interval. With the Board of Directors support we will send you home for the day if a serious rule is broken.  Repeat offenders can have their membership revoked. A committed offense that is blatant or intentional will also revoke one’s membership. Once again respect our property, think before acting, and treat the privilege of being a member of a great Club its due.

There seems to be a lot of new gun owners that know little about the sport, and firearm usage.  We have TCSA members who are well versed in gun safety, and how to use them with proficiency.  Anyone who desires to learn more, only need to contact us, and we will set up a training program with a knowledgeable person with the type of firearm you are using, be it a rifle, handgun, or shotgun.


Discussion issue #4


I spend a lot of time on the Club grounds, I’m lucky enough to be retired and have the time. I try to stop and converse with everyone I see using our facilities.

Another topic that arises is volunteer work. Many have said I checked the “yes I will volunteer box”, but nobody ever calls. 

As with most organizations Vol Fire Depts, Church Groups, Boy Scouts, Sportsmen’s Clubs, and the like, 10% of the people do 90% of the work.

I’ll agree we have not done a good job of getting you involved, it does take time to call, we need to find projects that match those willing to help, we need to make a schedule, we need to document the results of our inquires, the list goes on.

I will try to do better at this, my first suggestion is contact us on the web, state what time you have available, what talents you have, how far away are you.

We really need the support of our members, to assist in clean up, maintenance, repairs, and administration.

Currently I am looking for someone to help with the membership committee. This is an important job, requires some computer skills, and you must deal with people. Our membership Chair person is doing a great job, but she needs help, and it’s always good to have a backup. If you want to get more involved this is a good place. Contact the membership person if you might be interested.

I am also looking for a maintenance chairperson, someone who can organize the things that need done to the grounds and buildings. You don’t have to do the maintenance, just discuss the needs and try to find folks that would help. This would require you to attend the monthly meeting, and be an active player.  This is another good chance to get more involved, interested contact me on the Web.   

 For those that read this lengthy Blurb, Thank you and I hope I have sparked someone to step up, and get involved.  There is a lot of enjoyment mixed with the work, and toil.


                                                                  James Gee