President's Corner







Hello members!


So, it is Spring once again. We are quite happy about this even though it brings a little sun, snow, rain and mud. I am glad you are ready to enjoy 2024.


We still have activities happening that should spark your interests. I see that Trap shooting is available and the calendar is full of items that might make you want to grab the stored firearms and begin practicing for the upcoming “better weather” events.  The list of available courses that are provided by your NRA certified instructors is there for the asking too.  In the final cold days of Spring, these would fit in nicely for learning or even a refresher of previously learned information.  Make your requests known for scheduling.


Reminders about the grounds use by “outside” users.  The Scouts will be on site again this month. Lockheed Martin and the NYS Courts once again take advantage for their annual and semi-annual qualifying.  And a special note that the Environthon will be held for our area school districts.  The students scour our grounds for various items and species along with education and lunch.  Our ranges are closed while the students are on site and various ranges are off limits while other outside parties learn & shoot for their employment.  Mark your calendars.


And another request for help around the grounds.  MOWING will need to be performed soon.  As of now, Monday mornings are the scheduled time for this activity.  If you would like to assist and cannot spare time on Monday, let us know and perhaps another day could be worked out.  Thank you for help!


I hope that you enjoy this Spring and have plans to get to the range to use the freedoms of firearm ownership. Please be safe.


Mark Dedrick

TCSA President


As always, thank you for your help. If you need to contact me, send an e-mail, (