Rimfire Steel Challenge


Rimfire steel challenge as shot at TCSA consists of five stages. Each stage is shot with both rifle and pistol of .22 RF caliber. Don’t worry if you do not have a .22 pistol; we will allow you to shoot your rifle in the pistol run.

A typical stage would be one we call “Big Square”. Two large steel targets at 15 yards and two smaller steel targets at seven yards are arranged in a square with a stop target in the middle of the square. The shooter stands at a table and would double tap each target and then shoot the stop target.. That would be one run. Typically we shoot three runs rifle and three runs pistol for each stage.

A shot timer is used to time each run, and the times are added to give a total time for the stage. A two second penalty is added for each target missed. You may load up to 11 rounds per run. Since most runs are seven to nine shots you may have from two to four rounds, which may be used to make up misses.

We are a small friendly group of shooters, always willing to share advice and experience with new shooters. Our abilities range from so-so to excellent, but we always have fun. We shoot on the third Saturday April thru October (except in July).  Matches are NRA sanctioned so out of state residents may participate. Click here to download a copy of the 2023 NRA sanction form required by New York State Penal Law 265.20(13) to show proof of attendance at an organized shooting competition.

I usually send out the course of fire and safety information Tuesday before the shoot. If you want to get on the mailing list for these matches please drop Dennis Lyga an email at dlyga@aol.com

  • $10.00 per shooter (Club membership is not required) spouse or significant other 1/2 price
  • $5.00 second shooting category Limit 2
  • $4.00 Family members under 18 accompanied with shooting adult
  • $5.00 young adult accompanied by a non-shooting adult.