BACKGROUND: Over the past decade, precision rifle matches have gained a lot of attention and the goal of the National Rifle League (NRL) 22 is to make tactical rifle shooting more available to shooters who can't regular shoot at 100+ yards. All it takes to shoot NRL22 is a .22lr rifle and a scope. The monthly course of fire, NRL22 Standard Target Package and standard barricades are all intended to be turnkey solutions to simple, fun and affordable precision rifle matches. Stages often utilize simple obstacles such as ladders, cinder blocks, 55-gallon drums, tank traps, tires, pallets, fence posts, etc. The goal of the stages is to keep things as simple as possible while still challenging shooters. Oh, and there will be plenty of prone and unsupported shooting stages as well. Shooting, learning and having fun are the basis of competitive shooting and fellow competitors is what makes these matches so enjoyable. New shooters can ask questions and learn from competitors that have been around for a while and if advice or gear is needed, we readily make it available. While at the matches, please assist with setting up, keeping score, cleaning up and tearing down. This helps to keep things moving fluidly and it is greatly appreciated.

NRL22 is a way for every participating Club in the country to compete every month. One week before the designated month, NRL22 will release 5 courses of fire to be used that month. The courses of fire will always be 2 prone stages, 1 positional, 1 barricade and a 5th that can be any of those things. Four of the stages will be with steel at 10 points per hit and 1 stage will be on paper with scoring from 10 down to a possible 1 based on accuracy to help break ties. There are 4 classes in total. They are Open, Base, Ladies and Young Guns. All classes must utilize rifles chambered in .22 Long Rifle. The Open class is unlimited in the rifle and optic they use. Ladies and Young Guns may utilize any rifle and optic. Ladies class is for women shooters. Young Guns is for the kids ages 8-16. Young guns must be able to manipulate the rifle safely on their own, but voice coaching is absolutely encouraged. The last class is Base class, which is for the budget minded shooter.

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