President's Corner

Straight Shootin' with Phil


October is upon us and its a time when I always reflect on my Dad's bird hunts back in the early 50's when I was about 10 years old. I recall him coming home on a late Saturday afternoons with his 20 guage s x s, wearing his tattered field pants and his good old Maine hunting boots. In his game bag he always had a pheasant or woodcock or some other game bird and I couldn't wait to see what he brought back. He also always had a surprise for my mother as well; several springs of Bittersweet. When he went to clean his gun, he brought out the Hoppe's #9, which he always said smelled like banana oil.

I'm not sure what started your endeavors into shooting/hunting sports, but those memories had a major impact on mine. I just couldn't wait until October to go afield. What is your story? I think it's special that the Fall holds so much for sportsmens. The deer are running, the game bird are flying, the fish are biting and the air is crisp with the smells of the flaming leaves.

Well enough reminiscing, I want to tell you all that our range improvements have been completed and there are now cameras on the shooting ranges for your security and safety. Our new membership year is well underway and we have had a lot of feedback that the on-line method of membership renewal is very user friendly. Your membership renewal mailing included our annual raffle tickets. Please send those in at your earliest convenience.

Our flag project is well underway. There has been a lot of work done to construct not only a flagpole to represent our country, our freedoms and our veterans, but a memorial to those members of the club who have contributed so much to its success. Stay tuned as we progress and we note the finish of this project with a very special flag raising.

Enjoy the Fall with family and friends, including your best friend, your dog!

Best wishes,