100 Yard .22 LR


This match tests the shooters' marksmanship with .22 caliber rifles with paper targets at a distance of 100 yards. Shooting while standing, sitting or kneeling, and prone is required.


Silhouette Range


  • There will be two classes of rifles, metallic sight & scoped.
  • Metallic sight rifles can have any type metallic sight combination as long as there is no magnification.
  • Scoped rifles - there are no limitations - anything goes.
  • Normal small bore and high power equipment can be used
  • No bipods or rests of any kind allowed.

Course of Fire:
  • 10 minute sighting in period - unlimited rounds, any position
  • Standing Slow Fire 20 rounds in 20 minutes on SR - 1 target
  • Sitting or Kneeling Slow Fire 20 rounds in 20 minutes on SR - 21 Target
  • Prone Slow Fire 20 rounds in 20 minutes on a MR-31 Target
  • 60 rounds Total for Score


$10.00 for first relay and $5.00 for the second relay.


There are currently no matches scheduled. Stay tuned.


Jocko LaClair, email: k31jocko@gmail.com / Phone: 748-2369